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Re: [IP] Salespeople/reps

> >>> When we went to pump class (required in order to get a prescription
> the pump), I knew more about the Cozmo than the educator. Granted, I'm
> obsessed at this point so I've researched, read, read, read. But, isn't
> her job?>>>

I'm taking lessons to speak German.  As part of the class we were taught
that in Germany people have to study and pass exams for any job they want to
work in. This is one of the reasons that the Mercedes Benz and the BMW have
the reputation  that they do.  If you want to become a waitress, same thing.
You go to school, study, and pass your exam.

In the US. anyone can wake up some morning and decide they want to be a pump
educator, a mechanic, or a waitress.

Jan, with the amount of study that you have done, I would think you would be
a perfect pump (pimp) rep.  Keep em on their toes!

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