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[IP] IP] Google Translations with a few Giggles

Renee wrote

< As a former French teacher, I got a good laugh out of this posting.


I  have a bilingual keyboard. I wonder how  students manage to get past all
the accents and other inconsistencies in trying to cheat!

When I copied and pasted the Google French translation  in my letter to IP it
did not print out correctly once received by IP. The letter i was reproduced
as i, h as h etc.   I rechecked my own letter on my computer and there it had
pasted correctly. (I did misspell conformist though in my own translation.)

Oh well.  Maybe people will manage to get the gist of various articles in
spite of Google's bizarre  translations..  Did anyone else try another

Denise Guerin
Type 1 48 years
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