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[IP] Thoughts about the diabetic "gene pool"

I was doing more thinking about the comments, even from among those 
with diabetes, who believe the concept that by having children, you are 
passing on these genes and the possibility of them having diabetes,etc.

Let me reassure you that such logic is greatly flawed.  Aside from the 
fact that others have stated about the percentages of a child getting 
diabetes as a result of one of their parents not being likely...a fact 
which can be seen even with my family, where in 3 generations, I am the 
only type 1 diabetic among 7 siblings, my parents and their siblings, 
my umpteen cousins, and their parents and siblings.  Likewise, in my 
wife's family, her aunt is the only one with Type-1 diabetes, despite 
the fact that she has six of seven other sisters and a brother (who is 
my wife's father).  No other cousins, etc., in the family have Type-1 

Okay, regardless of all that...please remember that up until the early 
1900's, there was NO treatment for type-1 diabetes.  That means that 
for thousands of years before that, most people who got type-1 diabetes 
would have been dead before they reached child-bearing years.  So, in a 
sense, the "gene pool" would have been taking care of itself for 
thousands of years...and yet, to this day, diabetes still exists.  
So, "evolution" didn't seem to be doing a very good job on its own, eh?

By not having children, you are not helping to eliminate the chances of 
diabetes for anyone.  Second, to assume that even if you had a child 
who got diabetes means that they are living a life not worth having is 
certainly placing a lot of negativity around a disease that, despite 
all its problems and complications, today pretty much leads to a normal 
life, just with a bit more care. 

Also, remember that there is still not enough evidence to know for 
certain that Type-1 diabetes really is genetic, or fully genetic.  
Though some studies point in that direction, there are others that who 
a definite environmental role.  It might be a combination of the two.  
I know of studies done on identical twins, who presumably share the 
same genetic make-up.  Yet, somehow one "comes down" with type-1 
diabetes and the other doesn't.  So, genetics can't be the only factor, 
and MAY not even be a factor at all.  The jury is still out.

When I was still an infact, I came down with a mysterious illness that 
caused my glands to swell and fill with fluid.  The doctors never were 
able to determine what caused it.  Perhaps I was "infected" by 
something that ultimately led to my type-1 diabetes?  (Purely 
conjecture, of course...but certainly a possibility.)

My point is that you cannot control the "gene pool" and therefore 
control diabetes.  You shouldn't worry yourself about having children.  
If they come down with diabetes (which is rather unlikely, anyhow), it 
wouldn't be your fault.  In fact, the only way to eliminate the 
possibility of someone coming down with it would be if EVERYONE in your 
family decided to NOT have kids, since anyone of them could pass on 
the "gene", if one such exists, just as likely as you could.  

Finally, do you wish that you were never born just because you have 
diabetes?  I certainly don't!  I have lived a wonderfully profitable 
life so far; and, I plan to continue to live a wonderfully profitable 
and long life, Lord willing. 
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