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[IP] "duh" comments from fools

 At this point in my life (I'm only 24)
I don't believe that I will ever father my own children.
I also do not believe that since I feel I shouldn't pass on my genes that all
diabetics should do the same.  I am sure that my views are in the minority.


One of the reasons that your views may be in the minority right now, has to
do with evolving perspectives as we get older. While I agree, in general
about your evolutionary theories, the fact is, if only the most "primitive"
of us had kids, genetics would probably deteriorate greatly, since a lot of
the offspring would be the product solely of our very primitive limbic
system, and not of any great genetic pool we inherited.
There is absolutely no history of diabetes in mine, or my daughter's fathers
families, yet she got the right combination of genes and environment to
produce diabetes. However, diabetes does not mean that she has any less of a
contribution to this world. Stephen Hawking is a prime example of making a
strong contributing to our world despite any physical afflictions.
While it is admirable for you to look at the positive side of the med student
statements, they reflect an insensitivity that will not serve in the best
interest in any future patients he may have...if he gets that far.

Joann, Mom to Cara
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