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Re: [IP] "duh" comments from fools

> Hey, I wasn't going to comment on this thread but this is OUR story.
> my husband nor myself (is NOR right???!!!) have the diabetes 'gene' and no
> one on either side has this disease.  But our son was diagnosed at age 5.5
> years of age.  So how can 'gene pools' have much to do with it anyway.  I
> know that any kids Josh might have int he future will now be at a greater
> risk for developing this disease, but it does not meant hey will get it.
> since this is so random who is to say what might happen.??!!!

maybe someone who's got more education on genetics than i can correct me if
i'm wrong, but just because a parent didn't develop a disease doesn't mean
they don't carry the genetic stuff for it, like huntington's disease.  i'm
only really remembering this one because of arlo guthrie - his father
developed it, and so there was a 50/50 chance that arlo would develop it.
while neither of my parents have diabetes (yet - my mom's at risk for type
2), my mom's aunt had type 1.  is there any relation to her diabetes and
mine?  probably not, but it's possible.  there's a lot about genetics we
still don't know.

still, as for diabetics not having children for fear of them developing it,
it's a completely personal choice.  if they prefer to adopt a child that
might not otherwise get a stable home (ie, the older kids that have a bit
harder time getting adopted), more power to them!

liz - far too awake for this hour. :)
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