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[IP] Re: My A1C!!!

 <<About a year after fighting me on it, he said he ran into a colleague at a
research conference that was trying what I was doing...so he all of sudden was
open to the idea. :-/ As if my year
of good A1cs were just luck! >>

Ryan -

 I have found this problem with endo's & endo staff as well. Why do they think
that we don't know what were doing? I live with Joshua's diabetes 24/7. I know
what works for him & what doesn't.

 When we went to pump class (required in order to get a prescription for the
pump), I knew more about the Cozmo than the educator. Granted, I'm obsessed at
this point so I've researched, read, read, read. But, isn't that her job?

 Do they not understand that what works for one individual doesn't for another?
What works one day (hour/minute) doesn't work the next? One of the parents on
the CWD list recommended putting all of our kids in a lab so that carb
 stress could be monitored in a "contained" environment so that their blood
glucose numbers would always be perfect (sarcastically, of course). The endo's
(health care professionals) need to realize that we/our kids don't live life in
a sterile enviroment. We/they need to live!


Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. & Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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