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[IP] Ultraflex Infusion Sets

<<<<<<<Hello Every One,
   I just got my Ultraflex sample and since I was about to do a set change
decided to try it. I'm glad I gave it a try, I think I like it. I have a few
questions for those who use it. Is there a trick to removing the tape? I took
off the needle guard and just tried to pull it off, but it started to rip.>>>>>

       Phoenix,  Before taking off the guard, I pull up all 4 corners 
of the tape.  Then after removing the guard, I hold the side with the 
smooth tape cover and remove the tape cover with the imprint on it 
(that's always the more difficult side to remove).  then i hold the 
plastic from the nonsticky side and remove the other tape cover.

<<<<<<<<< How are you supposed to insert them? Do you pinch the skin 
like when inserting a sil or leave it flat like with the quickset? 
When I inserted I pinched the skin and put my thumb and ring finger 
on each side on the tape with my pointer on top of the big blue 
inserter thing, seemed to work pretty good.>>>>>>>>>

       I don't recommend holding the tape or clear plastic when 
inserting.  The most reliable way I've found is to just hold it by 
the big blue inserter.  Then pinch the skin and poke it in.  With the 
other hand push down on the clear plastic and pull out the blue 
handled inserter needle.  when i used to hold the plastic, i'd 
sometimes get crimping of the catheter---if you just hold and push 
the blue cap, that's not possible.

  <<<<<<<<<When you disconnect am I correct to assume that you place that
blue rubber thing over the end? The set end or the tubing end? I just might be
hooked if I can make the longer 8mm cannula work for me. I love the easy
disconnect and the elliptical tape is cool. It feels different than the other
sets, tubing is softer.  Phoenix>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

       You don't need ot bother with the blue rubber thingie.  It 
doesn't do anything except keep the dirt out when you are mud 
wrestling.  I find it the best of the catheters for me too.  The 
small flat plastic circle that presses on the skin also keeps the 
skin hole very stable, and eliminates any spotting on the skin after 
i take it out.
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