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[IP] Genetic crapshoot....

OK, but I was adopted and as diabetes is familial and not necessarily 
directly inherited from one or another parent (Not a guarantee anyway 
that that child him or herself WILL GET diabetes...FOR SURE...) How the 
heck would you know that adopted didn't have ALS, MS, MD Diabetes or 
anything else in their DNA Crapshoot?

Why not just have one of your own  and take what comes? have one and 
adopt one anyway? Most folks want two children or more anyway. It's 
kind of neat knowing my history as I came out the best....They gave me 
up because of blindness from premature birth, and kept the other three 
girls. I got the best end of the stick, really.

On Tuesday, February 11, 2003, at 02:28 PM, insulin-pumpers-digest 

>  I would rather adopt a child that would otherwise not have a good
> home.  I think that this would be better for all parties involved.  I 
> know
> that I would not be getting a disease-free child but I would feel like 
> I had
> actually helped in some small way.
Without enough sleep, we all become tall two year olds.


Jenny Sutherland
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