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  Since we have been talking about GERD lately I though I would share my own
diabetic related experience with reflux, though I don't think it will help the
people with true GERD. For years I would have very random intermittent acid
reflux. It did
 not correlate with food at all. As a kid I would just be walking along and
suddenly throw up a little bit of acid. No one ever actually saw this happen so
when I would try to explain this to my parents they did not understand what I
was talking
 about. So it would come and go and happened to me a lot when I worked at a
nursery greenhouse a couple of summers ago. Finally after going on the pump I
made an interesting association. This would only occur after I had an exercise
induced low
 blood sugar. I guess it was the combination of activity and hypoglycemia. The
thing is I never made the connection until I was not having very many lows, plus
it was hard to notice because it would come on about an hour after the low.
huh?  Has any on else experienced this?
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