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Re: [IP] Ultraflex Infusion Sets

>   I just got my Ultraflex sample
>questions for those who use it. Is there a trick to removing the tape? I took
>off the needle guard and just tried to pull it off, but it started to rip.

After removing the needle guard, gently pull the tape cover off the 
back/connector portion of the set.  If the paper begins to separate, 
try the tab on the other side.

>How are you
>supposed to insert them? Do you pinch the skin like when inserting a sil or
>leave it flat like with the quickset? When I inserted I pinched the 
>skin and put
>my thumb and ring
>  finger on each side on the tape with my pointer on top of the big 
>blue inserter
>thing, seemed to work pretty good. How much do you bolus to fill the 
>empty space
>in the cannula?

That is the proper procedure, pinch and insert.  The cannula prime is 0.8

>When you disconnect am I correct to assume that you place that blue
>  rubber thing over the end? The set end or the tubing end? I just might be
>hooked if I can make the longer 8mm cannula work for me. I love the easy
>disconnect and the elliptical tape is cool. It feels different than the other
>sets, tubing is softer.  Some one else makes it right?  Thanks.

The blue rubber stopper goes over the connector on the set.  There is 
no cover needed for the tubing as the needle is recessed and 
protected.  And the way they taper the end of the cannula and extend 
the introducer needle past it by only 2 mm really does work well for 
insertions, IMHO.

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