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Re: [IP] "duh" comments from fools

 "Kristen Olgren" <email @ redacted> Wrote:
Years ago my little brother, who was getting his master's degree in biology,
told me I shouldn't have any kids -- I'd be polluting the gene pool!

Since there are a number of use that did not develop Type 1 until after the
age of 50, it's never too late for your brother. I am not wishing it upon
him but he should watch what he says - it could come back to haunt him.

I had to laugh at my GYN who said that I didn't need to yake Prempro for
bone density because if I were going to have problems they would have shown
up by now. I had to remind him about getting juvenile diabetes at the age of

Sue (Memphis)
Dx 01/29/02
Cozmo Pumping 01/07/03
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