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Re: [IP] Re: Resident Summer Camps for Diabetics

> I went to Camp Midicha in Michigan back in the 60s and had very many
> wonderful experiences there.

I went to Camp Midicha in the 80s and had many wonderful experiences there
also.  I did have a few bad ones too.  However, I don't think this is unlike
the typical non-diabetic camp experience for a kid.  Even in the 80s they
were pretty open to "modifications".  I remember there were meal plans and
color coded pins for meals that we got.  The KP duty invovled matching
colors to the size scoop you got of each food item.  I was typically a
yellow which was 1890 calories...I think.  Anyways, my meal plan was a
little flaky so I had a different color for breakfast, then I did for lunch
and dinner.  I did a big breakfast, small lunch and average dinner so they
accomodated that and I had the proper pin for the proper meal.  Most kids
had one color because nobody actually questioned what the camp was doing.  I
think a lot of it has to do with how agressive your guardians and doctors
are about the camp experience and your needs.

I always wanted to go to d-camp because it was great to find others like me
out there.  I was the only one in my school system until Junior High.
However, I also wanted to go to non-d camps and none of them would accept me
because of having d.  My how things have changed...

-- Sherry
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