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Re: [IP] "duh" comments from fools

> Years ago my little brother, who was getting his master's degree in
> told me I shouldn't have any kids -- I'd be polluting the gene pool!  I
> two beautiful daughters anyway!

Where did he think YOU got those genes, that he didn't have them?  Just
because he didn't get diabetes doesn't necessarily mean he isn't carrying
the gene that makes one vulnerable to diabetes.  Maybe he should have taken
his own advice!

Honestly, I think such ideas are silly.  Granted, not everyone is
genetically vulnerable to diabetes.  But everyone is genetically vulnerable
to SOMETHING.  There is no way to perfect the gene pool through ordinary
reproduction, because nobody has perfect genes.

I never even thought twice about not having kids because of diabetes, and I
don't believe I would have even if the odds were much worse in their favor.
Maybe I'm an odd ball, but I have become so adjusted to life with diabetes
that it seems normal to me.  I don't feel like it really is all that bad to
live with, compared with numerous other ailments.  Maybe I'd feel
differently if I were suffering from numerous complications, but I've been
fortunate to have almost no complications as of yet.

But there is one other thing that makes that logic fall flat on its face.
We've discussed the odds of type 1 diabetics having offspring with type 1
diabetes.  It is lower than even 10%.  And many, many of us come from
families with no one else with it in the entire family.  You would really
need a crystal ball to know whether or not your child is going to get it,
and that goes for everybody, afflicted with the disease personally or not.

So, perhaps no one should ever reproduce again, because our children might
be diseased?  Way to wipe out the human race!

The logic totally escapes me.  Totally.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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