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Re: [IP] Maverick's deafness

I am sorry if I offended anyone in anyway.  I did not mean to make it sound
like ASL was not a good choice.  I just simply meant that it was not the
right choice for us.  We are working on teaching all three of our children
language skills at the same time.  We were afraid that if we tried to have
them sign simultaneously, it would be confusing using ASL.  To my
understanding, SEE goes more with the natural flow of conversation.
There is a deaf school about 3 hours away from us.  My husband and I have
discussed Maverick going to it someday.  I am sure in that situation, ASL
would be more prevelant.  That would cause a lot of hardships on the family,
though, so we are hoping to keep him in our local schools.  The only reason
I think we might reconsider, is if Maverick asks to go.  Even then, I cannot
imagine letting him go off alone.  I would move there to be with him, and
come home on weekends.  It is not an arrangement any of us like, so we are
hoping it does not come to that.
Thank you for responding to my question.
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