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[IP] 1-Year Anniversary

Hello to all,

 I almost forgot that today is my 1-Year Anniversary of being a Diabetic and
Hypothyrodistic (sp?). I have been counting the days down and today, almost my
whole day went by (EST) and I did not think about it.

 I can't believe it has been a year. I year ago I was 15Lbs lighter, peeing
every 1-2 hours, very tired, very thirsty, and crying my eyes out because I was
going to become a blind amputated person since I was just told I had diabetes.
My symptoms had started ~1 month before and of course kept getting worse. The
Dr. had to repeat himself at least 5 times because I could not believe what he
was telling me. I actually told him that I did not want to take the prescribed
insulin because that makes you blind!!! I knew nothing about diabetes. When I
was in my pre-teens I had met this man (a friend of a family we were visiting)
that was diabetic and took insulin and had loss all of his vision. I had made
the association of insulin with blindness. It was such a shock to be told "You
have Diabetes." I can't imagine being told you child has diabetes. That most be
1M times worse. The only good thing was that due to the lost in weight I was
starting to think it might be the big C (cancer) and at some level was somewhat
relieved that it was something other than cancer.

 My whole diabetes team was great. The nurses and dieticians were so helpful.
They met with me at off times (since I could not wait for the scheduled courses)
and were in general the best support anyone can dream. I was diagnosed at 11am
and at 12 I had already been set for a 4hr-crash course on injecting insulin,
exchanging list, insulin peaks, etc. People kept telling me I was just very
fortunate I had not diagnosed at the ER.

 Well, here I am today, 26 years old, pumping (and taking levoxyl) and
loving/enjoying life. I do feel very blessed for all that I have.

I just wanted to share, thank you for listening.

Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)  Pumping since June '02
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