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RE: [IP] "duh" comments from fools

I may be incurring the wrath of this entire list but I personally agree with
part of what "Creepy Chris" said.  I agree that I have genes for diseases
that I would not wish on my worst enemies (not just diabetes mind you).  I
agree that not only would society benefit from having less of these
diseases, so would my future extended family.  At this point in my life (I'm
only 24) I don't believe that I will ever father my own children.  Instead
of subjecting them to the potential of inheriting my myriad of health
problems I would rather adopt a child that would otherwise not have a good
home.  I think that this would be better for all parties involved.  I know
that I would not be getting a disease-free child but I would feel like I had
actually helped in some small way.

Here is where I disagree:  Evolution will never stop; it will just adapt to
the way we live our lives and different things will become important.  For
example : disease will matter less and long agile fingers will matter more
( so we can pound away at those keyboards typing papers about how we have
cured disease).  I also do not believe that since I feel I shouldn't pass on
my genes that all diabetics should do the same.  I am sure that my views are
in the minority.  It sounds to me like "Chris" was trying to get off a few
points that I have heard before about evolution but instead he came off as a
complete jerk.

Tolerantly yours,

(Dx'd @19 in 1999 still waiting for my Cozmo which is supposed to come this

PS: Lori did you get my message?

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  When I was a freshman I had a biology class with this one kid who also
in my dorm and he knew I was diabetic because he happened by my room to see
roommate at the wonderful time that the EMTs were making a visit. (what is
with EMTs and
 propping the door open?). So later that year we are all waiting for the
shuttle to go home for Xmas break and he starts saying to me how people like
with diseases are polluting the gene pool. How evolution is no longer
 of us and how the human race would be much better off if we just removed
selves. (What ever that was supposed to mean). I was so surprised I could
think of anything to say and non of my friends their said anything either.
he actually
 thought he was a pre-med student! It's not surprising that every one in the
dorm called him Creepy Chris.
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