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[IP] Re: Asperin Too Much Of A Good Thing

Hi Denise,
     I'm not sure if you are asking if these are available still in Canada.  
If that is what you want to know, I will gladly check with a pharmacy here in 
Canada.  Let me know.  
     I do know that a few years ago when my sister-in-law visited, she would 
buy up jars of 500 or so 222 tablets to take home to the USA as she said she 
couldn't get them in New York.  You could buy 222 tablets over the counter in 
Canada and they were quite cheap.   I also noticed the other day that the 
Canadian online pharmacies that ship to the USA say that they will not ship 
products containing codeine across the border as it is restricted.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

> I don't know if APC tablets in Canada are the same as in the USA.  I know
> that in the 1950's I used 222 tablets which were Aspirin, Phenacetin and
> Codeine.  These were obtained without a prescription and used for things
> like menstrual cramps, bad headaches etc.  292 tablets had much more 
> codeine
> and required a script.  I used those after I had my wisdom teeth removed.
> Does anyone know if these APC  Canadian style still exist?
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