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I have the exact same situation - >=200 after two hours, much lower after
three, lower still after four.  I've done the skip breakfast thing to verify
that my basal rate isn't pulling me down (it's not).  

According to the Walsh "Pumping Insulin" book, after three hours, roughly
30% of your bolus dosage is still pending, and I think about 10% after four
hours.  Based on this, I've decided that this pattern actually makes sense -
at least until they come up with an insulin that works even faster than

This seems more noticeable at breakfast than other meals, but I think that's
because my breakfasts tend to be almost all carbs - cereal, toast, OJ, not
usually meat or eggs.  I've also been able to flatten the curve out a little
by eating more fat at breakfast - peanut butter works on just about
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