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Re: [IP] Can someone help ?

In a message dated 2/11/03  email @ redacted writes:

<<  When I do a basal check by skipping breakfast, everything checks out 
great. But, when I bolus for breakfast, and it doesn't matter what I eat, my 
reading at 2 hours is close to or above 200. If I do not take a correction 
and just wait it out, at 3 hours I am much lower ( 125 ) and then at 4 hours 
I am down to 50's or 60's !  >>

Have you tried taking your bolus quite a while before you eat?  If you don't 
know yet exactly, take what you think is the minimum you will need before 
hand, and make up the difference when you are ready to eat.  Since you are 
going a little low at 4 hours now, you probably want to reduce the total 
amount just a little bit.

Of course, as long as you don't skip breakfast, you could also raise your 
basal rates before and during breakfast time, and subtract that increase from 
either your bolus or later basal, whichever works better for you.  But that 
would cause problems anytime you don't follow the same schedule.

I tend to have this problem, too, except when my gastroparesis is acting up.  
Bread and cereals are a particular problem:  I do much better with something 
like plain yogurt and veggies. (Pasta actually works much better for me at 
breakfast, I have to extend the bolus for it at other meals.)  I often do a 
bolus when I first wake up, and don't eat for as long as 45 minutes (YMMV -- 
I think this might be too long for many people).  If *I* exercise first 
thing, without a bolus, I sometimes go up rather than down, but if I bolus 
and then am active for 15, 20 minutes before eating, I usually do fine.  
(These things have varied for me over the years -- at one point, exercising 
first thing seemed to work really well in keeping my bg stable after 
breakfast).  But, if it is more convenient or what I want to do at the 
moment, I also often just let my bg go up to 200ish for a short time after 
breakfast, and don't stress about it.  

This may well not have anything to do with where you are at the moment, but I 
often remind myself:

The goal here is to control our diabetes to live, not to live to control our 
diabetes <gr.>.

As someone who feels an enormous difference in well-being between really good 
control and pretty good control, even I have a (sometimes shifting <gr.>) 
line between what is and is not worth doing.  

Linda Z
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