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RE: [IP] Resident Summer Camps for Diabetics

Hi Cindy!
 I'll hop back up on my TCDC soapbox real quick! It's no wonder you're wondering
about camps after all these stories!
 I can say from both sides of the coin (as a former camper and counselor) that
TCDC (Tennessee Camp for Diabetic Children) IS THE GREATEST!
 It's a 2 week camp and you have to be T1 Diabetic to go. It's ages 8-15, I
think. Also, the vast majority of counselors are T1 as well--most of whom are
alumni campers who want to keep coming back and the only way is to come back as
a counselor:-) It's what I did for 9 years! It is so wonderful! Even after I
moved to Dallas TX I still went back until the workforce called me into service
The camp is on the Double G Ranch in Soddy TN, outside Chattanooga.
 They are fully staffed with CDE's, Endos and other medical professionals and
each cabin has 2 counselors. I remember waking my girls up in the middle of the
night to do BG tests (sort of a fun campy hazing thing in addition to a safety
They have a website too and it's www.tcdc.net
 Oh, the other real cool thing is that they now do pump training. It's what my
cousin did before he got his pump this past year. He wore one at camp and
learned how to use it while there(with saline I guess). Now he's a full-time
pumper thanks to TCDC.
 OK, I now step down from my soapbox. Check out the site it's great! I miss it
alot and I'm almost 28!
--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)
>>Subject: [IP] Resident Summer Camps for Diabetics

>>Does anyone know of a good residential summer camp for diabetics in the
Southeast? Preferably North Carolina?  My 10 year old daughter is really
interested in going to a diabetes camp this summer, but after some of the
comments here the last few days maybe that is not the best idea.

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