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[IP] Re: "duh" comments from fools

Well, "fools" is certainly a strong label, but I must admit that the 
guy inferring that diabetics are making evolution not work...

Well, negating the fact that I don't believe in macro-
evolution...presuming he does, and since he is a pre-med student...why 
is he going into a field with the very purpose of helping people who 
have illnesses (many of which are likely genetically related) live long 
enough to propogate, thereby "messing up evolution"?  It certainly 
sounds like ignorance cubed.  ;-)

Speaking of which, I was in the urgent care last week due to a sinus 
infection from my cold.  The Physician's Assistant noticed my pump and 
asked about it.  He then said something like, "Wow, is your diabetes 
that brittle?"  Brittle?  I thought the term "brittle diabetic" went 
the way of the dinosaurs many years ago.  Is "brittle diabetes" still 
used?  On top of that, the nurse before the PA asked about any health 
problems.  I said, "I'm a type-1 diabetic".  She then said, "So, do you 
control that with diet alone, then?"  Um.  I was thinking, "Type-1, you 
know, means you CAN'T control it with diet."  

I guess you just can't count on medical personnel for knowing the 
basics of one of the most prevelant diseases and deadly in the country, 

I wouldn't call them "fools", though.  A fool is not one who speaks in 
ignorance, but who chooses to make poor decisions even though they know 
right from wrong.  None of these people are fools...just misinformed.  
Although, that pre-med student certainly comes close.
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