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RE: [IP] Asperin Too Much Of A Good Thing

Sue [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> I agree with Chris about being a bit scared.
> I just take the 81 mg recommended by my doctor for my heart.  
> Should I be
> worried about this little dose of aspirin?

I've not seen any other responses, so I'll add another $.02.

First of all, consult your physician and pharmacist about specifics of any

Now a more or less professional response to the original post.  Causal
relationships are very difficult to demonstrate.  Usually we look to
correlation, association, risk, or odds as relationship.  If someone is
taking aspirin, then there will be some statistical association with just
about any health event.  From all the data I've seen, then on balance, low
dose aspirin is beneficial for anyone at risk for heart disease (all
diabetics should consider themselves at risk!).  

The original post mentioned aspirin, but then referred to APC which I said
meant a combination of aspirin, phenacetin, and caffeine.  Someone else
responded that in Canada the caffeine is replaced with codeine.  I don't
know the pharmacology that might make the response different with respect to
bleeding disorders.  In any case, each tablet that I've ever seen of APC has
500 mg of aspirin - much greater than the 81 mg of the small tablets we're
usually instructed to take for heart disease prophylaxis.  Also, if taken
for pain relief, the normal dose is two tablets.

In *MY* opinion (and I'm not a physician) I would not be concerned about
taking 81 mg aspirin tablets unless there is some other condition that
contraindicates it.  Again, see your physician and/or pharmacist for your
own situation.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted
The opinions expressed are mine alone and do not necessarily represent those
of my wife who runs our house and makes more important decisions than I do.
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