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[IP] Day #1 on CGMS(=ARGHHH!)


I hope you were able to sleep.

 I recently completed my second CGMS. It last me 4 days so I was pretty happy.
It was a pain in the behind to enter all the info, but I can't wait for to get
my printouts (I was suppose to have them by now - you reminded me of that and I
just left a v-message requesting status on my printouts.

 My very first trial was the days pre and post thanksgiving, so needless to say
that they were not my typical readings. It is usually just Elisabeth and I in
the house. Those days we had 9 people (family) over for the holidays. I had no
issues at all with the sensor/meter (it last 3 days) except that they were not
very representative days. Since I had not saying on choosing the actual days, I
was able to re-do it.

 My second time was late Jan '03. The first sensor insertion of my second trial
only lasted 6 hours (I believe it was inserted wrongly - it actually hurt.) The
second insertion was done much better (no pain - just like the first trial.)

 Yes, you are suppose to not insert your infusion in the same area. Also, since
I had used mostly my abdomen for shots and infusion, they wanted an area that I
had used less. My first trail in Nov, was set in by my CDE and she put in the
back-side right above my waist (small love handle area) Well, that was great
since you do not sit or can't barely remember it was there when peeing and the
like. I really recommend that area since the second one was inserted in the
outer-but/behind and I had a fear of tearing it or messing with it while I

 Hang in there. There is a way to check if the communication is working well
between the sensor and the meter (the ISIG should be between 10 and 200, when
mine died it was around 2.30). You can call MM and they can tell you how to get
to that reading. I could tell you too but I would hate to mess you up and you
might loose your trial. I checked this frequently to make sure it was working (I
learned about it when my first sensor of the second trial died.)

 I will lie (lay) on my side with the sensor and check the ISIG. It seemed
stable while I moved a bit (imitating what I think I do while I sleep) and it
seemed ok (not much fluctuation.) Then, I was able to sleep well/no worries.

After it is taped out and setup, the ISIG should not deviate too much.

 Also, I learned a whole lot after doing the first one and was much better
prepared for the second one. I set up experiments for each day to make sure I
took the most advantage of the sensor. For two days before the second trial I
did not exercise at all to see what my nights looked like. On the second through
fourth day I exercise and checked. I had set up some B-fast to be taken later
and some dinners to be taken earlier so I could test my basals. Some days I had
snacks with smaller meals and others I had big meals with zero snacks. I also
played around with decreasing basal rates B4 exercise and practice my 'excarb'
to see if I could control the exercise lows. These are some examples of what I
did but I did nothing of this sort my first time around. Live and learn, at
least that is how it worked for me.

Best of luck and feel free to e-mail me of the list.

 Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm) with lots of good things to say about her MM

Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 16:45:48 -0800 (PST)
From: Heidi Vogan <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Day #1 on CGMS(=ARGHHH!)

Well,I am about 8 hrs into my first run on the CGMS &
feeling somewhat frustrated because my blood sugars
have not at all been responding typically.After
starting out with a 310 at the doctor's office(bad
set),I have since had 2 bgs in the mid 200's,one bg
under 70,and one normal bg.I can only imagine what
three days of this kind of up-down readout will look
like,certainly nothing solvable!Please,anyone who did
not have good luck on their first(or more!)trials on
the CGMS give me some encouragement,I am doubting I
will survive three days of this.Another question,can
you clip your pump to the same side as the CGMS?My
pump trainer said the bolusing would interfear with
the CGMS readings,thus you should keep them on
opposite sides.I would really,really,like to sleep
tonight + if I have to worry about ruining the
pump/site on one side + the CGMS (site is in the hip)
on the other I will go nuts.
    Heidi(who has nothing positive to say about
MiniMed tonight!and who doubts that she'll sleep much
anyway,due to crazy bgs)
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