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[IP] Pumping insulin - cost of glucose tabs

> Question?
>  Why are glucose tabs so expensive. $5.00 for 50 if
> you are lucky. That's $.10 a piece for a tablet of
> glucose. This country is going down the tubes with
> health care leading the way.meg

Hi Meg,

I respectfully disagree with you regarding the price of glucose tablets.
Sure, I wish the prices were less; but, in our free-market economy, most items
are priced, not on production cost, but rather, on "what the market will
bear". Companies have an obligation to maximize their profits for their
investor(s).  And, if the prices, e.g., profits, become too great, their sales
will decline and their profits will decrease (classic economic demand curve)
and competition (free enterprise without constraints) will step in and offer
an equivalent product at lower prices.

You can find lower prices for sugar to bring you out of a low blood sugar, for
example, tubes of decorative cake icing, sold at grocery stores, have about
the same amount of sugar, at a lesser price, than the tubes of sugar sold
specifically for diabetic lows.  And, many kinds of cookies provide an
equivalent amount of sugar, at a far less price, than the sugar cubes

Companies that make sugar tablets for diabetes, must sell their products to
distributors, who in turn sell them to drug stores, who sell them, at the
retail price of approximately $0.10 per tablet, to the consumer.  .

Where the free enterprise system is failing to protect us, is from the
exorbitant prices of the pharmaceutical industry.  Of course, they should get
a positive return on their investment in a new drug, but they can price a drug
at an exorbitant price because they have a patent, and therefore, a monopoly.
That wouldn't be so bad if the companies couldn't make a small, insignificant
change in the drug, get a new patent on the drug, and maintain their monopoly
for a unfair length of time.

Bottom line, start your own company to manufacture sugar cubes for diabetics
if you think the prices are too high.  Be sure to price yours for quite a bit
less to the distributors so you can help "keep our health care system from
going further down the tubes".

Good luck  -  Hal
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