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[IP] Re: Resident Summer Camps for Diabetics

>>>>>>>>Does anyone know of a good residential summer camp for diabetics in the
Southeast? Preferably North Carolina?  My 10 year old daughter is 
interested in going to a diabetes camp this summer, but after some of 
comments here the last few days maybe that is not the best idea.

 oh, no no no noooo, don't think that my comments in any way are meant to
discourage you from
 sending your child to diabetes camp. my experiences were TEN YEARS AGO and
camps have DEFINITELY
 changed since then. if you look through the archives i have posted my
experiences about summer
 camp (last summer or fall i think) and in particular with camp jordan in
virginia, and my
 experience with that camp has been *nothing* but *resoundingly* positive-- in
fact, it reversed
 all my negative impressions about camp and about diabetes that came from my
first experience.
 since you are looking for camps in the southeast i'll suggest that one with my
absolute *highest*
 recommendations. i cannot think of a better experience for a child than sending
them to such a
 wonderful, caring place as this. i have eight years of experience with that
camp as both a camper
 and as a staff person, please feel free to email me privately if you would like
more info.

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01

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