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[IP] Stupid little minds

Good lord, I'd have decked the brainless wonder! He's probably in a 
neo-nazi group or something useless like that! ARRRRGH!

On Monday, February 10, 2003, at 08:11 PM, insulin-pumpers-digest wrote:

> So later that year we are all waiting for the airport
> shuttle to go home for Xmas break and he starts saying to me how 
> people like me
> with diseases are polluting the gene pool. How evolution is no longer 
> working
> because
>  of us and how the human race would be much better off if we just 
> removed our
> selves. (What ever that was supposed to mean). I was so surprised I 
> could not
> think of anything to say and non of my friends their said anything 
> either. And
> he actually
>  thought he was a pre-med student! It's not surprising that every one 
> in the
> dorm called him Creepy Chris.

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