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[IP] re: cholesterol drugs

haven't heard of niaspan yet for high lipids.  I have used Lopid, Lipitor,
Pravachol, Lescol & more in the past, currently I am taking tricor & zocor,
which my doctor has just now changed yet again to Lipitor & a new drug called
zetia......just waitin for insurance approval.  I have had various times where
my liver labs were slightly high but so far so lucky,  I take strong doses of
the drugs & unfortunately my highest cholesterol reading is an office record
according to my endocronoligist....
    I am absolutely convinced that there is definitely a genetic link to high
cholesterol/triglyceride problems that some people have........If i took no
meds and subsided on wheat bread and water only and excercised 2-5 hours daily
my cholesterol would be somewhere around 300-500.  With the strong doses of
meds i take, my best readings generally are around the 215-250 range.  (but to
be honest, i could do a little better with the excercise,  diet's not so
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