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Re: [IP] "duh" comments from fools

baby sling she got..
she got it on sale when shewas like 3months
--- Phoenix Becker <email @ redacted>
>   When I was a freshman I had a biology class with
> this one kid who also lived
> in my dorm and he knew I was diabetic because he
> happened by my room to see my
> roommate at the wonderful time that the EMTs were
> making a visit. (what is it
> with EMTs and
>  propping the door open?). So later that year we are
> all waiting for the airport
> shuttle to go home for Xmas break and he starts
> saying to me how people like me
> with diseases are polluting the gene pool. How
> evolution is no longer working
> because
>  of us and how the human race would be much better
> off if we just removed our
> selves. (What ever that was supposed to mean). I was
> so surprised I could not
> think of anything to say and non of my friends their
> said anything either. And
> he actually
>  thought he was a pre-med student! It's not
> surprising that every one in the
> dorm called him Creepy Chris.
> Phoenix
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