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[IP] "duh" comments from fools

  When I was a freshman I had a biology class with this one kid who also lived
in my dorm and he knew I was diabetic because he happened by my room to see my
roommate at the wonderful time that the EMTs were making a visit. (what is it
with EMTs and
 propping the door open?). So later that year we are all waiting for the airport
shuttle to go home for Xmas break and he starts saying to me how people like me
with diseases are polluting the gene pool. How evolution is no longer working
 of us and how the human race would be much better off if we just removed our
selves. (What ever that was supposed to mean). I was so surprised I could not
think of anything to say and non of my friends their said anything either. And
he actually
 thought he was a pre-med student! It's not surprising that every one in the
dorm called him Creepy Chris.
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