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Re: [IP] Which Pump


I sent the following email privately in response to Which Pump.  In your
email today, you asked if anyone is using the Cosmo. I am and I thought you
might like to get this email so here it is. Let me know if you have any
question. I really can not say enough about it. Right now I am getting
beeped to remind me to do my 2 hr after dinner. Good luck in your decision.


Have you considered the Cozmo by Deltec. It is new on the market and I
believe by far the best. What I like the most is the calculations the pump
does for you. I can tell the pump how many carbs I am going to eat and what
my current bg reading is and it calculates a suggested bolus amount. It uses
in this calculation my preprogrammed target bg, insulin to carb ratio, the
bg drop for 1 unit of insulin, and the duration of insulin action. It also
includes in the calculation any insulin on board. It does both a positive
and a negative correction. If my bg is high it adds to the units it is
suggesting and if it is low it subtracts.

Another feature that really helps me is the reminder to retest after a bolus
or site change or cartridge change. The time frame is preprogrammed. If
after retesting, I am more than 10 pts above my target, I will request a
correction bolus. It again calculates using the same factors as in the meal
bolus. Often it tells me that due to insulin on board any correction would
cause me to go low. My lows have been significantly reduced as a result of
this feature.

This is my first pump so I don't have anything to compare it with. Nolan,
another IPer has been on previous pumps and this is what he has had to say
about the Cozmo:

"I made the transition to the new Deltec Cozmo pump this past Wednesday
(03/03/2003). I've been using the Disetronic H-Tron and H-Tron Plus series
pumps for the past nine years and have had a great experience with their

After months of review and many emails between Deltec representatives I
finally made the switch.

It is a fantastic pump and I think the leader of the pack when it comes to
features and capabilities. You have read on this forum about Sue being a
newly diagnosed Type 1 and her experiences with the Cozmo. I can echo her
comments and more in dealing with the transition from the H-Tron to the
Cozmo. The H-Tron series is very good and Disetronic is a very responsive
company as well . the H-Tron is dated in comparison to the features
available on the Deltec.  Both units will do the job we need to have done.

I would strongly suggest anyone considering a pump to look closely at the
Deltec Cozmo. No proprietary infusion sets needed or special batteries and
the pump is very intuitive to use. The software for connecting the IR port
to your PC will further enhance the operation of the pump and getting data
in/out of the pump, but it is not at all needed to use the pump. (you know I
just used the word "pump' 3 times in that statement!!).

Just food for thought for those looking into pumping and those considering
making pump changes.
Nolan E. Kienitz, PMP
Spring, TX"

The only negative I have heard so far has been in the process of obtaining
the pump. Much of this has been because it is new and the contracts between
Deltec, the distributors, and the insurance companies are very complicated.
My purchase went very smoothly. I think even if it takes a bit to get it it
is well worth it.

I have written a few public emails about the Cozmo after receiving a number
of specific requests for information. I tend, however,  to write most emails
about my pump privately. I am fairly new to IP but I understand they have
had some "pump wars" in the past and I don't want to be accused of starting
a new one.

Good luck in what ever you decide,

Sue (Memphis)
Dx 01/29/02
Cozmo Pumping 01/07/03
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