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RE: [IP]hand-check fad

At 10:48 AM 2/10/03 -0600, you wrote:
 > A bit late in my reply to this Friday post but replying anyway! I didn't get
 >the original post about this! But I REMEMBER THIS Hand test too! They did it
 >when I was younger in the mid 80's last I recall. What's the deal? Did they
 >realize it was a useless test or what?
 > I just did it to myself right now and I think I'm "better" now than I 
was when
 >I was 12:-) HEEHEE!
 >--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)

This is a test to determine whether a person has diabetic 
cheiroarthropathy.  Why they would expect someone who hasn't even been 
diagnosed yet to have a complication that develops over many years is 
beyond me.

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