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[IP] Re: Bad hospital experiences

Subject: Re: [IP] Bad hospital experiences

>Finally, a couple of hours later I got my blood sugar checked.  >Everyone, 
>except me, was surprised that it was 400!

When I was in the hopsital about two years ago, the kitchen brought up my 
breakfast for me, and I waited until a nurse had come in to test my bg and 
give me my insulin (no pump yet, at that point).  I had called the nurse's 
station when I ordered my breakfast (like they had asked me to) so they 
would have enough time to get my dosage out of my chart, etc., etc.

An hour later, kitchen staff came to collect the empties, saw that I hadn't 
eaten anything, and when I told them why, they gave the nurses what for on 
my behalf.

I know that nurses can get busy and that there are sometimes demanding 
patients, but you'd think they'd be able to prioritize things a bit....

On the plus side, when the (frazzled) nurse finally got to me, she thanked 
me for waiting, rather than making myself sick and giving her more to deal 

Weird Jenn
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