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Re: [IP]hand-check fad

> Also,  is anyone familiar with Niaspan for reducing Cholesterol?

I am on 1000mg Niaspan.  (Berkley Lab's timed release Niacin.)
An article had come out that it did not affect blood sugars.  YMMV.
It does elevate mine.  If I miss a dose, I go very low. (basal set higher to
 accomodate Bg rise with tablet) I also noted on last refill that now muscle
may be a side effect with it,
 Glucose and meter by bed are necessary for me. I wake to use john, test Bgs and
 find I am 32, feel ok, remember I forgot Niaspan tablet, shut pump off, low
 about pass out, is hard to eat/drink milk fast enough! After 10-15 min, turn
 back on. Then have to guess at how much insulin to take to cover some of carbs,
wake in sweat from high Bgs couple hrs later & adjust then.   Linda K
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