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Re: [IP] Which Pump

> I spoke with the H-tron pimp rep about checking out their product.  I also
> noticed on this site that Mini Med seems to be the more popular company.
> thoughts or observations  are welcome.

It is wise to consider and trial several different pumps before deciding
which one is right for you.  And what is right for you will be different
than what is right for everyone else.  I expect that's why you aren't likely
to get many responses.  (It is easy, when raving about your pump, to offend
loyal users of other brands, so people tend to avoid starting a pump war!)

The reason why MM is the most popular company is, I believe, largely because
they are the company that has been serving the United States for the longest
period of time.  When I started pumping twelve years ago, I believe they
were the only company offering pumps in the US.  Because that is true, their
name is the best known and it is a proven name.  MM has, for years, provided
reliable service to a growing customer base.  It is only as the market for
pumps has grown that they've faced much competition at all.

That said, Disetronic has been offering their pumps for years, (not too long
after I started, but I'm not sure exactly when) and they also have a
respected name.  While they are a distant second in terms of business here
in the states, they are the company providing the most pumps in Europe.
They make an excellent, reliable product, and they even provide a back up
pump for a price similar to what everyone else offers one for.  Not bad,

Animas, I think got started in 2000, and they have a reputation for
fantastic customer service.  While they may be a new company, they seem to
be thriving, and seem to be giving the other manufacturers some competition.
They have a great, user friendly pump, which is also worth your

Then there is Dana-Diabecare, which I know very little about.  I know though
that their pump is the least expensive of all of them, and it is also the
smallest pump with a 300 unit reservoir.  I'm sure it is good, but I know
very little.  They use proprietary infusion sets, but now offer an adapter
for those who prefer to use infusion sets made by another company, which
allows more flexibility than they offered when I first looked into their

The Deltec Cozmo came out in December.  Deltec has been making infusion
pumps (commonly used in hospitals) for years.  They designed the first pump
sold in the US market, but sold the rights to it to Eli Lilly, and agreed at
that time not to offer a competitor for a number of years.  Now they are
wading back into the pump market, with a product that is truly
revolutionary.  It has features that none of the others have, such as the
capability to figure dose based on grams of carb, and it will remind you to
check your blood sugars or change your site if you program it to do so.  The
pump itself is too new to have a track record, but the company is a good,
solid one, with experience designing medical infusion pumps, so they know
what they are doing.

I thought the Nipro Amigo was going to be sold beginning this month, but on
their web site, it appears it won't be out until June 2003.  (Delays like
that seem to be fairly typical.  I think they tell people when they HOPE to
release it, but often don't get done in time.)  I do remember being quite
impressed when I first heard about all its features, but I've forgotten what
they all are by now.  I know theirs will be able to figure dose based on
grams of carb consumed also, and the pump will have an alarm built in.
Chances are, you would like to be pumping by then, anyway.  The company is
new to the US, but not brand new.  They've been manufacturing Japan's #1
insulin pump since 1984.

Nobody but you can decide which pump is right for you.  Every pump on the
market has been extensively tested, and wouldn't be permitted to be sold by
the FDA if they weren't good pumps.  The only reason why I know what I know
about them is that I will be upgrading soon myself.  I haven't yet decided,
and hope my elderly 507 doesn't bite the dust while I drag my feet making up
my mind!

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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