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RE: [IP] Re: Treating Lows/Food Police

 I have SO MANY STORIES FROM MY CHILDHOOD about sneaking around to eat the
Diabetics "forbidden fruits"!
 The first one that comes to mind was when I was about 7 or 8 shortly after
Halloween and I hid my candy sack in my room and would lock the door and stuff
my face for as long as I thought I could get away with it.
 I remember finally getting BUSTED by my Mom who came knocking ont he door to
check on me and she managed to get the door open to find me sitting in the
middle of my bedroom floor with candy wrappers all around me and a "deer in
headlights" look on my face. I KNEW I WAS ABOUT TO BE IN BIG TROUBLE! This was
in 1982 or so.
 My Dad was sent up to have a talk with me about how "sugar was poison to my
system" and he didn't want me to go blind or loose a leg or any other bad thing
that could happen due to me eating candy.
 Then I was sent downstairs to pee in my jug to test my urine/sugar (just to
give you a little extra perspective on the technology we had at the time:-)

 The other funny one that shows the extent of my non-compliance was the one my
Mom likes to tell when I was 3 or 4 and she came in to the kitchen to find I had
climbed up ONTO THE COUNTER and was eating sugar out of the sugar bowl (THE BIG
ONE) with my hand.
 I don't remember lying about lows as much as just sneaking around to do as I

Thanks for the reminiscing!
--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)

>>how many
of you who were
 diabetic kids in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s were constantly harassed by the
food police and felt
 like you needed to fake a low to eat what you really wanted?! how many of you
(i am sure there
 must be some) encounter people who STILL think that way now, and whenever you
want some candy or
 ice cream, give you the eyebrow of skepticism and ask, "why, are you LOW?" or,
"are you SURE you
 can have that?"<<
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