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Re: [IP] different reactions on lows


You have a beautiful name, BTW.  It was one of the names I considered for my
daughter, but my husband and I agreed on Annika, instead.

I've had lows like that, before, too, and it does vary.  It always amazes me
when I'm about 35 and feeling just fine!  Forty-five and feeling unable,
though, I've been there, too.

When others are there, you can get help.  But I can vividly remember
occasions when I felt like I couldn't and had to just force myself to move
and take care of it.  I remember sitting there, thinking I couldn't move,
and not moving for a while.  Once I remember it seemed like it took at least
twenty minutes after I checked my sugar before I managed to get something.

Somehow, you do find the capability to scrape together the last of the
energy you have, when you know that unless you do so, you will die.  (The
will to live is a powerful motivation!)  I also do keep some glucose tabs in
my kit, with my meter.  I prefer to reserve these for use when I'm away from
home, but I have used them on occasions such as these, when I can hardly
move, to handle that low.  When the energy returns, I try to refill my stash
of glucose tabs (or whatever sugar source you use) right away.

I remember how hard it was to get used to that in college, in my dorm room,
when crossing the room seemed impossible.  More recently, I've had two such
incidents in the past year.  (My insulin needs dropped, big time, after my
10 month old daughter's birth, and I had some bad lows finding that out.)
Once when I was home alone with my kids, the oldest only close to four, at
the time, and once after everyone else, including my husband, had gone to
bed.  I think that last time, I would have been unable without the stash in
my kit.

All I can say is, you'll find some way to manage.  We all do.  And do try to
be sure your basal rates and bolus ratios are set right, because that should
avoid too many incidents like that.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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