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[IP] Re: "duh" comments from fools

Hi, all -

After reading Jan's story of the insensitive dinner partners, I felt like
sharing a similar experience of a few years ago.

As a company lobbyist, I was riding upstate (New Jersey) in a van with
several company executives to attend a political fundraiser.  I was
chatting with the driver, one of the company vice-presidents, and an
extremely bright (as well as wealthy) individual, when some sort of
reference (I don't recall) was made to my diabetes.  Surprised, he said:
"Oh, you're a juvenile diabetic?"  I replied that I had had the condition
since age 8.  Pausing for a moment, he said, "Oh, geez, then you're in the
high mortality group, right?"

Now, I don't consider myself a nasty person, but neither do I suffer fools
gladly.  I immediately answered:  "Yeah, Jimmy, and I'm gonna drop dead
anytime now right here in your van."

It's unbelievable to me that intelligent people can be such idiots.

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