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[IP] different reactions on lows

I was just thinking about that it is strange how differently I react to sugars 
that are equally low. For instance, today it was 2.5. It is not unusual for me 
to have a sugar in the 2s, but today I just sat waiting for others to help me 
after Id measured. My parents were talking and it took a little while for my 
mom to see what was happening, which only happened when I started to cry. I 
felt like I couldnt do anything, not even ask my parents to get a box of 
juice for me. Other times I can be at 2.0 and feel quite fine, well enough to 
get juice or sugar to treat myself. Is it normal to react so differently, does 
anyone know how it can be? It is scary to feel that bad when the sugar isnt 
lower than 2.5  but still not too bad as long as my parents are around. Ill 
be moving away from home in about six months, by the way

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