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Re: [IP] re: low blood sugars

Yes, I have been pumping for about 3-4 years (gosh, I forgot my dates!)  I
didn't know that when you're on your period you need less insulin.  I just
thought that the week before (PMS) you need almost double your basal rate.
I correct?
It is hard for me, because I don't get regular periods.  I get about 6 a
at any time, so I can't plan these things.
I am still trying to figure out exactly how my body work with my cycle now,
but I have noticed that after my period stops, my basals go below pre
period. I think they will rise a bit after ovulation, then progress upwards,
then when my period begins......up it goes again, then when it stops I hope
it will go to the lower basals I have set at my #1 spot......I guess I will
see..........trial and error ya know. To a certain degree I think as a
woman, I just have to get used to constantly checking and adjusting my
Tami in Tucson
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