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Re: [IP] deaf diabetic

>Bridget and Maverick,

The ASL signs you are requesting have no sign.  There is "pump" for like a 
water pump, but that's not what you are looking for.  "Testing Sugar," use 
the word test and sugar.  "Site change" there is no sign.  What most people 
using ASL do when there is no sign is to finger spell the word.  Also you 
could make up a "home sign." That is, make up one of your own that only those 
people you want to know it, know it.

Seeking out a community college might be helpful in bonding with the ASL 
teacher. where he/she could give you advice in signing, and the Deaf/d/db/HOH 
culture.  If you only need a few words, I'm sure the teacher would do this at 
no cost. 

How old is your son?  Is he mainstreamed or does he go to a special school?  
How long have you and he been using ASL?

Mary in MN

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You may want to contact your local community college, I work at my local
community college and we have weekend sign language classes that are
non-credit classes that last two or three saturdays and we also have the
Sign language 1-3 which are credited classes.  I know that the weekend
classes are usually held for medical personal to learn the basic words like
pain, arm, leg, medicine, injection etc, but the teachers generally havwe a
maser degree in ASL and know just about every word out there, they may also
be able to provid eyou with an instructor for you and your son.
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> As many of you know, my son Maverick has recently gone deaf.  I am trying
> teach him sign language, but having some difficulty locating particular
> If there is anyone out there that has any knowledge in this area, could
> please tell me where to look.  I need simple words for pump, testing
> site changes, etc.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks, Bridget
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