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[IP] re: low blood sugar

<<<I think it will take a long time to recover when there is still an ample
amount of insulin that is peaking at the time.

That's why it's always a good idea to test when you are having an insulin
reaction. I mean that's usually the last thing on my mind - all I want is
FOOD. But my CDE really encourages me to test. When you start to collect
glucose values from when you are low, it gives you some ideas about what's

Like at what glucose value is it very difficult , somewhat difficult, and
easy to recover?

I still use Insta Glucose. They have improved the taste and the
consistency. The label says
Active Ingredients Liquid Glucose NF 30 grams
Carbohydrate content: 24 grams
Cherry flavored.
Net Wt. 31g (1.09 oz)
It's made by ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Costa Mesa CA 92626
The bad news is that it's about $4 a tube. But the tube is a nice water
proof heavy duty plastic and so it's good to take swimming and places like


Thanks for this info about the insta glucose.  I found it online, so I guess I
can order it there.
I very seldomly check my bg when I am low.  The times I do check, I am usually
in my 40's.  40-50 is usually the only low I feel anymore.  Kinda scary,
especially driving a car at 59 and not even knowing I am low.  When I feel
low, I know I am near pass out point on the number scale, so I skip the bg
test and go straight for juice.
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