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[IP] re: low blood sugars

<<<Are you pumping Ashley? If yes, check your basils immediately also if you
are menstruating, that will cut your insulin requirements back as well. If
you are not pumping, it could be your long acting insulin it too high, I
would think. Mostly watch and track your cycle though, that effects my b/s
like mad.
Tami in Tucson

Yes, I have been pumping for about 3-4 years (gosh, I forgot my dates!)  I
didn't know that when you're on your period you need less insulin.  I just
thought that the week before (PMS) you need almost double your basal rate.  Am
I correct?
It is hard for me, because I don't get regular periods.  I get about 6 a year
at any time, so I can't plan these things.
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