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[IP] They should practice what they preach!

  I have never had an over weight dietician, but it seems like all of the Endos
I saw as a child were like 200 lbs over weight and they were all very interested
in restricting my diet! I hate to make fun of over weight people but their was
this one
 Endo I saw when I was 13 who was so large that when she tried to get close
enough to examine me she kept knocking me over! I had a bruise on my head by the
time I left from my head hitting the table. She was the same Dr who told me I
was foolish
 to be doing blood test because it was just a silly fad! She was so old she kept
mentioning how it was so wonderful that they recently discovered insulin so
diabetics would no have to die. This was in 1993!
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