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[IP] Re: Nazi Nurses

>>>>>>  So my experience is that
nurses are usualy much better than doctors in recognizing what is 

 i guess this is a YMMV thing-- every doctor i have ever had, three endos, a GP
and a pediatrician,
 have always been helpful, knowledgeable, and (with one exception) friendly.
even the one
 unfriendly endo had a lot to deal with (me as an attitude-ful and rebellious
teen) and so i give
 him some credit, and he was very knowledgeable besides. my pediatrician, who
diagnosed me at age
 10, was fabulous, and my current endo (don richardson of norfolk, va-- go see
him, he ROCKS!) is
 hands down the best doctor i have ever met. he realizes that i have a life to
lead and not just a
 disease to treat, and he's all about getting me the right treatment so i can do
what i want. never
 had a problem with a doctor who isn't knowledgeable, but i can't even count all
the times i've had
 a nurse say to me, "you have DIABETES? but you're too YOUNG!" i feel like
saying, "nope, and i'm
not overweight either, and i've never been pregnant. it's called TYPE 1." 

 i think most nurses come in contact with many more type 2s, and just have this
picture in their
 heads of what all diabetics look like. strangely enough, i have an extensive
history of type 2 in
 my family (my dad has it, and my aunt, uncle, and grandfather on his side all
died from
 complications of it), but i guess type 1 just got to me first... i guess if i
*had* to be doomed
to one, i'd pick type 1, but that's only because it's the devil i know.

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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