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Re: [IP] Bad hospital experiences (was Food Police and Summer Camps)

>  then again i have had to deal with my share of nurses in hospitals who
> less about diabetes
>  than i do.

Tell me about that!  I have had two bad experiences like that while a
patient in the hospital.  Both were at meal time, when for some reason, I
guess since the doctor hadn't thought to explicitly put it in the orders, I
was forbidden to take any extra insulin at meal time.  The first time this
happened, I was in the hospital DUE TO DKA, and still had the busybody nurse
tell me, "No, I can't let you take any extra.  The doctor didn't say so and
that might be dangerous to take extra when the doctor hasn't said to."

The first time, I was young and didn't quite know what to do, so I let it go
and figured they would understand better when they saw the mealtime results.
I later talked it over with my dad, who was one to be aggressive about these
things, and he told me that if it ever happened again, I needed to refuse to
eat until they talked with my doctor.  I vowed then to never let that happen

Sure enough, I was in the hospital while pregnant (I believe I told about
that experience recently in another thread).  Again, my sugars had only just
come down to where they should be, and the highs had started contractions.
And I had the baby to consider, too.  But the nurse didn't want me to take

I sat there for a bit, ate the protein part of my meal, and waited.  In came
a resident, who I appealed to, and it was quickly taken care of.  I guess
she understood better about diabetes than the nurse did.

Medical professionals who don't work in the diabetes specialty can be
remarkably ignorant about the basics of diabetes management, can't they?

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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