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Re: [IP] Nazi Nurses

>I see we have another thread started here. Diabetics hang out at hospitals 
>a lot. A lot of nurses are caring and educated. However, some more 
>resemble Nurse Ratchet from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." What has 
>your worst experience been. Becky and I have started, now it's your turn!

Sheesh, I feel like the oddball here.  I've hardly spent any time in the 
hospital and the few times I have (when my daughter was born and when I had 
surgery 10 years ago) the nurses were all wonderful.  Now, I had the doctor 
from hell (can I say that on here?) who thought she knew everything but 
actually knew so little about diabetes I had to threaten to sign myself out 
so that I could get back to my own doctor (who was located in another city 
and not associated with that hospital).

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