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Re: [IP] Nazi Nurses (kinda long)

I know we are talking about Nazi Nurses, but I haven't had a problem with
Nazi Nurses yet.  In Fact, my experience has been exactly the opposite.
After being misdiagnosed twice by doctors, an ER nurse diagnosed my diabetes
in the ER.  My parents took me to the ER because of extreme back pain and no
energy.  It turned out I was in DKA, and the nurse who triaged my recognized
that fact almost instantly and asked my parents how long I have been
diabetic.  They were stunned and said that I wasn't.   That nurse saved my
life and my kidneys.  The docters said that if I was another hour later I
probably would have had severe kidney damage.  So my experience is that
nurses are usualy much better than doctors in recognizing what is happening.

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