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Re: [IP] Nazi Nurses

I once kicked a older nurse out of my room, she would not let me poke my own
finger and I was NOT gonna let her jab me with no poker and right on the top
of my finger! I flipped out on her, I learned fairly early on in  my
diabetic life that I gotta stick up for me darn it!! I also fought with the
doc that hosp stay. It was between Xmas and the New Year.....I had 1 IV of
insulin, and 1 IV of glucose, the nurse(not the one I booted ;)) would check
my sugar, "gee you are low" shut off my insulin drip, call the doc and leave
it shut off for a couple hours.....nurse checks sugar, "gee its sooooo high"
calls doc and pumps loads of insulin into me(can ya all see the
rollercoaster ride commin up?) well after the third or forth time(I cant
quite remember) I told the nurse I was NOT going to allow her to shut off
the insulin drip, I actually fought with the doctor on the phone about this,
they left a little trickling into me, and SHAZAM....next time she checked my
sugar I was stabilizing. That doc actually came by and apologized to me for
not listening to me, I almost fell out of my bed when he did that lol.
That's my nurse/doc semi horror story :P
Tami in Tucson

I see we have another thread started here.  Diabetics hang out at hospitals
a lot.  A lot of nurses are caring and educated.  However, some more
resemble Nurse Ratchet from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."  What has
your worst experience been.    Becky and I have started, now it's your turn!

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