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Re: [IP] Merck-Medco (Need some help)

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Express scripts is for 90 day supply. The physucian writes you a 90 day
prescription for say, lancets or test strips. He writes in the quantity for
the 90 days in the prescription. Mail order from Merck-Medco is usually
about 2 weeks. You can then renew via internet if you set up the account on
their web site. I don't suggest you doing this for insulin as you can't
guarantee shipping conditions from hot to cold. Get your Doctor to write a
one (1) month prescription with the quantity you need for three (3) months.
That way you pay for 1 month and still get the 3 months worth and do it at
your pharmacy.
If you are also on oxford like me, you can get reimbursed for $200/year
going to the Gym or other health club with cardio activities. 

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Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2003 14:19:12 -0600
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Subject: Re: [IP] Merck-Medco (Need some help)

I love this site!!  Everyone is so helpful! Thank you!

"What is the DOD contract mean?  Also, what is Express Scripts?

I need all the help I can get.  Right now, we can only get 100 strips for a
21 day supply.
Even having our physician write a script for more that is all we can get.

Thanks again!!  We appreciate it!
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> Merck-Medco is now Medco Health.  You can call them at (800) 903-4680 for
>  customer service or <A
HREF="www.medcohealth.com">www.medcohealth.com</A>. We
> have been using them for our
> strips but they are no longer the DOD contract and we will be switching to
> Express Scripts.  But I personally have no complaints about them.
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua
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