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Re: [IP] how much sugar is to much?

>I remember being a little kid and having dessert with my grandfather. He 
>said he could not have any, so with my kid thinking I asked can't you just 
>take more insulin and then eat dessert, of course this was in the 70's, 
>and he said no. Which I did not get at all even then. but my question is 
>there a limit as to how much sugar you can have in one day, even with 
>extra insulin?
>Tangi mom to Kali dx 4-2001 and Ryley

While I am not a doctor nor nutritionist, I would think that if you stayed 
in good glucose control, you could have the same amount of sugar as any 
person can.  The problem with diabetes is not that sugar is bad for you, 
but that your body doesn't have a way (without insulin) to break down the 
glucose so that your cells can use it.  If you have the necessary insulin 
to do that, then you can have the sugar.  This idea of not being able to 
eat any sugar is a very old idea.  But, eating too much sugar may not be 
nutritionally sound, which is true for any person.  And, a lot of foods 
(not just plain sugar) make glucose in your blood.  Now, if you are Type 2 
and trying to control your diabetes by diet only, then that may be a 
different story.  YMMV.

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